About Me  & This Website

Jessica Guerrieri LMT, RYT, Certified Thai Massage PractitionerMy name is Jessica Guerrieri and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, nature enthusiast, passionate gardener, foodie and vegetarian cook! I believe in living simply, caring for ourselves and each other naturally and caring for the planet consciously and lovingly.

What does this mean? It means using whole foods, exercise and fresh air to keep ourselves healthy, using natural methods whenever possible to treat minor injuries and illnesses. It means getting outside to receive the healing powers of nature. It means being conscious of our individual impact on this earth and choosing to lighten our environmental “footprint” by conserving energy, using renewable resources, eating from the land, preparing healthful meals with whole foods, using non-toxic household cleaners and self-care products. It means supporting local businesses, local farmers, getting to know your community and becoming an active participant in its health and growth.

A “Greener” Life

This website will provide information about ways to live a “greener” life, tips on caring for yourself and healing naturally, exciting community events, delicious nutrient-packed recipes, ideas on increasing your physical activity, getting out into nature and so much more!
Feedback and participation from everyone is encouraged and welcomed – together we can provide the support we need to become the healthiest, most vivacious versions of ourselves, all the while finding our way back to the earth.

This is your life, make it healthy. Make it beautiful. Start with you.